• Ashley Swain

Childhood trauma stops here.

You can change the outcome.


I’m raising children who do NOT have to recover from their childhood.” Read that again.

Listen there is no handbook on raising kids, but you were once a kid.

You knew when love was present and when it was not.

You knew when you were abandoned and when you were not.

You knew when things just didn’t feel right and when they did.

It’s NOT about bashing your parents it’s about being HONEST about your reality and how it cultivated who you are TODAY.

People are 40 something still missing the love that was supposed to be given to them at 4.

People are hurting, triggered and depressed running from things that happen to them as kids and they don’t know what to do!

It needs to stop!

And If you’re having kids it’s YOUR responsibility to change the narrative for the sake of your KIDS.

The things that got covered up in your family, dripped in the poison of “What goes on in this house stays in this house.”


We are not ACCEPTING that anymore.

We don’t have to let our family members have peace about their “amnesia” and hide behind a shield of our pain, depression, and anxiety.

Acting as if all was well when it wasn’t.


We will Speak up.

We will Forgive.

We will Heal with no apology.

We will Break the cycle.

Because one day we will stand before our children, faced with the reality of their truth.

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- Ash 💕

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