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I don’t have anything to wear...

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Learning to love my postpartum body.


Dressing up this past weekend got me feeling myself.

I think this may be my 3rd time really putting effort into my attire.

Since we are in the house and it’s been repeat pajamas and workout attire.

I was in the back of my closet trying to find something to slap together.

Y’all ever sit on the floor of your closet in an audience of clothes and still say

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

I’m not going to lie I had a tiny anxiety attack and I really wanted to jump back in my bed and be like bye everyone.

But my amazing husband was there to calm me down.

He really is so patient for real. I don’t know how he deals with my dramatics.

Anyway. I did it.

Also since I’m on the journey to be more feminine I really need to be way more intentional. In the house or not I can still care about how I look.


Just know Sis about to be dressing up more.

And I filled in my eyebrows.

Who is this girl?

I’ll keep her.

What’s your favorite online store to shop for?

Listen I’m thick like cold peanut butter on Rye bread next to some grits.

So keep it curvy.



The stores I love are :

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