• Ashley Swain

Mama...you matter.

Sharing ways that I put me first.


After my first baby boy, I honestly forgot about me.

It was about him and him and him and him.

And guess who ran right into #postpartumdepression


So with my daughter, I have been more vocal about what I need and guess who is putting their needs and #selfcare first?


Each day I’m learning that I literally matter and if I’m not good mentally.

Then nothing is good.

There are 5 things that I have decided to do which are non-negotiable.

🤍 I am kind to myself. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy with our negative thoughts and false expectations.

Grace yourself.

🤍 Alone time

I must have alone time, so for me that looks like me getting up earlier while everyone is sleep.

Or once my kids are asleep I take advantage of the time when the house is super quiet.

I read my devotionals, pray, journal or even just cry.

🤍 Keep my hair, nails, and feet did. And I know we are all in the house but I’m finding cute and sexy loungewear and slippers or socks to wear around the house.

When I look good I feel good.

🤍 I make sure I buy myself something nice every month.

That doesn’t include food. 🥴

🤍 Take myself on a date.

I did this before being married and I do this now. Because I enjoy being with me for real.

What are some of the things you are doing for you that is non-negotiable?

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