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A “real baby”

What I learned with my second baby...


Look up Lauren say cheese!

I often joke about Lauren being a ”real baby.”

With our first child, Cj he was a breeze.

He only cried for milk and when his diaper needed to be changed.

He slept through the night. (Which I’m learning isn’t common. It’s common for babies to wake up every 2-3 hours.)

CJ was not fussy, he just smiled and cooed.

With Lauren, we have to be more attentive, because SIS demands respect and all the attention.

She cries, she grabs she laughs and smiles but she wants to be held at all cost lol.

Side note :

Being an affectionate mother doesn't make your baby ”spoiled”...

We are truly learning patience this time around and I’m happy about it.

Are your kids similar when it comes to you parenting them?

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