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New baby, Social distancing and a new normal.

How to keep your mental health in check while the world is closed.


Unless you are somehow living under a rock you are well aware of the new guideline and our new way of living. I’m naturally a introvert but there is a difference between staying home because you want too and being “forced” to stay home. I’ve been in the house for a little over 50 days and I’ve only gone out to the grocery store runs and for exercise.

Without much notice I was pushed into being a Stay at home wife, mama and full time teacher. I do not know about about you but the

constant updates of death and sad stories really began to get to me so I had to block people, not reply to text messages and turn the tv off. Being someone who has openly spoken about my depression and anxiety I am very aware of my triggers and I know I didn’t have time for any of that. Now do not get me wrong It’s not that I do not care about what’s going on. I know several people who are directly impacted by this pandemic. I care but I can’t get pulled so deeply into it. If I do I know the consequence. I refuse to head into a dark tunnel. So If you're like me

LOG out. And Let go.

Do your part by washing your hands, social distancing and remaining positive. It's going to take us all following the rules so we can #FlattenTheCurve

Here for 3 things I’ve done to keep my mind clear.

1. Step away.

Stepping away includes not entertaining negative or fear-based conversations about what’s going on outside your door. STEP AWAY. Your mental health is more important.

2. Find your happy place.

Your happy place can be a nap or something major like writing a book. Listen I’ve seen so many people talking about “Create Your Business” during this time or you never wanted to do the business.

That’s false.

This may be the time for you to slow down. It’s a season for everything.

Check in with yourself. What’s going to make you HAPPY?

My happy place is alone time.

I talked to Chris (My husband) about that and he honors that. So the first 2 hours of the day I’m able to pray, journal, mediate and take a morning walk or do yoga.

This is very important for me.

Im aware that most people do not have that luxury. So I would suggest waiting til the house is quiet. The kids have to sleep at some point. Take advantage of the time they are sleep to take 5-15 mins to recharge. I know it’s not a lot of time but anytime health is more important.

3. Schedules and Clutter free

Disclaimer do not obsess about anything but do enough for you to be ok.

So for me personally when I know what’s going on I can thrive so scheduling is total


for me. So I wake up, eat, clean and get things in order around the same time. I know being in control isn’t not always the best but do what you can for you. Also clutter free is the best way for my mood to be full of positivity. I’m unable to live my best life in clutter. Being a mom of a 4 year old this has been ruined a lot being that he loves a good mess. So I try not to be too strict and give myself grace when everything isn’t perfect. But just know my personal space needs to be clean for me to be mentally ok.

Ok friends I hope this post helped in some way stay safe and let’s stay connected.

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I wish you love and happiness.

- Ash

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