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New Month! Stepping into May

New Month... New Goals. Let's talk about whats new.


New Month

New Focus

New Intentions

New Beginnings

New Goals

Happy May 1st. 🥰

I pray that YOU are reading this and you and your loved ones are safe, happy, and healthy!

I've been reflecting on these last 4 months and I’m going to be transparent with all these new changes I began to get very depressed.

Being in the house 24/7 is ALOT.

But God is greater and therapy is wonderful too!

So I decided to shift my thoughts into more positive and productive things.

In this blog post I'm reflecting on 3 new goals that I’ve set for myself.

Keep reading. Lol.


  1. Wake up 15-60 mins (Depend on my kids, you with kids nothing goes as planned.) earlier each day to pray, journal, meditate. I need these moments of check in with myself and God. I am fully aware of the consequences of draining myself dry. It’s not pretty. I also know the pain of being so “busy“ that I do not check in with God I need Him. So I put this in the forefront of my mind and guard my heart in knowing that this is most important Me and God and keeping that relationship FRESH!


2. My baby girl is a little over 10 weeks old and ive decide that it’s time to start getting back into shape. Before she came along, I was already 40 pounds overweight so here I am at my pre-pregnacy weight and sis got 40 pounds to lose like yesterday!

So 9 days ago I started X28 its been a challenge but I’m up to it.

I stopped eating beef and pork.

I started a squat challenge.

and about the CARBS 😳

Carbs and I been dating for so while and it’s a toxic relationship. I want to get out but when we’re together...lol.

I have stopped eating as much carbs so that’s that.

I’ll check in with a update June 1st.

And drum roll please the rebranding of my Podcast.

Her Purpose Podcast

3. Rebranding of my P O D C A S T

So YES I started a Podcast last June 2019 and I loved it.

Then I got pregnant and I got overwhelmed so I decided to rebrand and start once I was much better. So now in this next chapter I’m learning to balance it it all.

So as I'm rebranding I want to give you a sneak peak of what it's about.



Her Purpose Podcast is a weekly

A podcast hosted by Ashley Swain.

She is a Wife, Mommy Blogger and Motivational Speaker. Listen as she speaks on topics based around Self-Care, Motherhood, Marriage and Womanhood.

Her innovative and genuine voice invites her listeners to experience laughter, candid conversations and the joy of motherhood.

Stay tuned it Launches May 10th

Follow us @HerPurposePodcast on IG.

I’m thankful that I haven’t given up on my goals in spite of the many challenges that I’ve faced.

I keep going and I hope you will too.


My blog ⤵️


Keep the conversation going by leaving me your thoughts below.

- Ash 💕

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