• Ashley Swain


Becoming more aware of myself and how I love me.


It took me a while to accept myself.

It took me a while to love myself.

It took me a while to show up for me.

So now that I do.

I'm free.

Humans feel offended when you show up as your authentic self because deep down they are

unhappy with their reality.

And here you come at peace, confident and breaking every curse that was set.

How dare you be free from torment?

How dare you heal?

How dare you be so happy in spite of every tear, pain and nightmare.

They will project. They will demonize and find others to chat with about you in the comfort of their glass homes.

They do all of this instead of realizing that freedom is for everyone and that includes them.

Stop trying to make them understand, hear and accept you.

Accept yourself and carry on.

Are you on this journey with me? In what ways are you accepting yourself?

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