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Self-Care is required....

Sharing my perspective on self-care and what I do...


Hey friends!

I am literally in the middle of a Self-Care day running a huge bubble bath, candles lit and then it occurred to me.


So I’m taking away a few mins to share the things I do to give me some

SELF-CAREEEEEE * singing it like Savanna Cristina

https://youtu.be/JtvDd_xoCko (check out her song here)

But first...what is the actual definition of Self-Care?




noun: self-care; noun: selfcare

The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

Okay so gather around I got a story to tell.

In the past Self-care would be optional but now as a Mom of two its a REQUIREMENT.

When I gave birth to my son 4 years ago I went right into postpartum depression because

  • I didn’t advocate for myself.

  • I didn’t take time out for me.

  • childhood trauma resurfaced and I didn’t have the tools to save myself.

  • I was not plugged in with others who were able to support me properly.

But now...I refuse to be silent about my story and I advocate for women and them being able to show up for themselves.

I believe Self-Care is a very important step.

See what I did there lol.

Oprah Winfrey
”Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

Every weekend I look forward to my sundays...as I should.

Here are 4 ways I choose to spend my Self-Care routine it’s not always the same but it’s always good.

(The things I'm talking about are pictured above)

#1 Nap me please.

Naps should be a required policy for adults.

We need naps.

We need naps.

We need naps.


I found this pretty sleep mask that I use whenever I go to sleep. I added it to my routine because part of my self-care is sleep.


I love aromatherapy so when I am meditating and in prayer I love to spray this.

Its from Bath and Body works it’s a eucalyptus spray and it’s bomb!

Speaking of Aromatheapy I am a candle addict so I love candles from everywhere.


I added the lip therapy because who doesn’t want soft lips. I use rose Vaseline.


I love a great journal and this was gifted to me so I am not sure where it was purchased. But journals are every where.

Are you not sure of what to do?

here are 11 ideas for you when it comes to self-care.

1. Take a nap


3. Long bath

4. Read a actual book or listen to a chapter via #Audible

5. Journal

6. Light candles I’m such a candle addict it’s not even funny. Help.

7. Write down my goals for the week.

8. Do my own pedicure (I can’t wait to do this with Lauren)

9. Listen to music (Dru hill radio on Pandora....you’re welcome)

10. Check in with yourself by journaling

11. T H E R A P Y

“Self-care is from top to bottom: mental, health, physical. - Kelly Rowland

So ladies that’s it.

Share some things that you do below.

All the love

Ash 💕

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