• Ashley Swain

States closed, books open.

Sharing a book a just finished in the middle of this quarantine.

I finally finished the book - #Influencer.

Last year a blogger recommended it to me via messenger. It was her way of giving back and I will never forget her kind gesture. She raved about how it helped her grow her audience and brand. ⭐️ I quickly ordered it on #Amazon. 📦

As soon as I read the first page I fell in love with the info and useful insight it held.

Then life happened. 🙄

I got busy, distracted and was ”Mommying” so I didn't have time to focus on this book.

But with the #Pandemic and the world closing. I had A LOT of time to slow down and concentrate. 🤓

If you are a blogger, content creator or influencer this book is worth reading for sure.

This book will help you understand, thrive and grow as an influencer.

So today I recommend you order your copy.

Please do me a huge favor and let me know the names of the books you are reading. 👀

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