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Your dreams matter too.

Wanting a life outside of motherhood isn't selfish it's.............


Happy Tuesday! 💕

I’m all for #motherhood and being the very best mom you can be but don’t forget about your life outside of that.

Omg wait! It’s a life outside of being a mother. Where is it located? 📍

Keep reading.

“Please have a life outside of your children. You deserve it.

- Jayesha Smith

(This post hit me hard and I love it. )

Your personal growth and dreams still matter. It’s not #selfish for you to want more.

You deserve to be happy.

And that’s on that.

You can be a Mom and start the business.

You can be a Mom and travel (after #Rona of course)

You can be a Mom and write the book.

You can be a Mom and ...

do anything you want to do. Do not let Mommy guilt get the best of you.

You can still dream and succeed In spite of the unpredictable joys of motherhood.

Listen this past sunday was ready to stick a fork into my dreams. I was very overwhelmed. I just felt like I can’t do this. I can’t ”Mommy“ and work on my brand. Through tears I realized that’s a


I can and I will - Eric Thomas

After praying I just scrolled down Facebook and I was getting lots of comment and DM’s

Women cheering me on. Women sharing their hearts with me and supporting me and letting me know they SEE me.

I’m thankful for that.

I reminded myself of my goal and had a “Come to Jesus“ moment. I remembered why I decided to be a speaker and blog.

I just got tired of NOT showing up for myself. So here I am.

I hope you are tired of not showing up for yourself as well.

Anyone who is growing knows it can feel so lonely.

But you must keep going.

I used to feel so unsupported but I don’t feel that way anymore. I have people I never met before and they are cheering for me and really want to see me succeed. I have family members who share and support me as well.

Thanks for seeing me and cheering me on along the way. 😭

I am currently crying thug tears.

All the love.

Ash 💕

share, comment below. I would to hear your goals are as well. 👀

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